The Artist magazine, September 2016 edition

Rachel’s most recent interview was with the sold-out September edition of The Artist magazine, profiling Rachel’s work in their regular feature: ‘In Conversation’.

The four-page in-depth interview, by Caroline Saunders, is the first Rachel has accepted in many years and gives a unique insight to her creative thought process and motivation behind some of her most iconic choices of landscape.

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John Russell Taylor – The Times

“Now in her early sixties, Rachel Fenner makes paintings which make one wonder if she has just this instant invented abstraction, all by herself. Like much English abstraction, hers seems to be landscape-based. That is to say, one can suspect that one is seeing a transmogrified cornfield, branches against the moon, cracks in the ice and such, without ever being able to pin down these associations unequivocally. But what is important is that they exist, and give Fenner’s gouaches a grandly romantic, faintly melancholy quality somewhere in the same emotional area as late Paul Nash.”

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